My Work

Here I’ll keep track of things I have done or am doing around the web.

Quarter To Three Games Podcast: Final Fantasy XII with Tom Chick – Two hours of the best of the Final Fantasy series, Dominions 3, hidden catacombs, and a bonus appearance from my wife after being ambushed by the podcast’s host. One of the most fun things I’ve ever done online.

Quarter To Three Game Diary: Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy – I spend a month yammering on about a fanservice-filled beat-em-up for the Playstation Portable.

Day 1 – Death By Numbers
Day 2 – The Never-Ending Story
Day 3 – Select Character
Day 4 – Giving Back To The Fans
Day 5 – You, Sir, Are No Mortal Kombat (my original title here was Judged, since that’s Judge Gabranth in the picture, but I can see how that would be missed)

One of these days there will be more up here.


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