The Last Story Confirmed for American Release Three Days After I Bought The Import

The Last Story releases in Europe on Friday. It’s a new Wii RPG by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the father of Final Fantasy. It’s the second in a string of much-anticipated Wii RPGs that was not announced for America but was for Europe, after Xenoblade Chronicles and before Pandora’s Tower.

Xenoblade is the best game I’ve played in the last five years, full stop. I imported it last year and voodooed my Wii into thinking it was European so I could play it. The Last Story is arriving probably this Friday so I can do the same thing (once I figure out the Wii again). I ordered it from Zavvi last week, and it was shipped out to me on Monday, estimated arrival time in 5-10 days.

So of course Nintendo of America releases a statement today saying that The Last Story will be brought stateside in 2012. Thanks for nothing, jerks!

Expect comments on the game this weekend or next week once I finally get it in my hands.

(Picture yoinked from Wikipedia. I should really look up blog post image rules sometime.)

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