Hello And Welcome To It

Hi! Welcome to my blog!

In the long list of opening lines, that probably falls down near the bottom. But I feel like there should be some kind of intro. This is the first post I will ever make on this website. Someone might be bored in a couple of years and go back to see how this whole thing started. (They will find that it started poorly. Sorry, Future Man.) So, uh, welcome to Loading Screen. I’ll keep this part as short as possible.

I started this site for two reasons. 1) MattWBowyer.com was available, and since that’s me, I thought I should do something about it. 2) I’m writing a book. Actually, I wrote a book, or at least I wrote a first draft. It’s not too good, but I think it will end up being good.

I’m going to try and get this thing published. This blog will document that whole process. Will it be a resource for other up-and-coming authors? Maybe. More likely than not it’ll just be like a diary for me, a diary that I’ve lost the key to and someone has posted up on Facebook.

My goal is to publish something on here at least three times per week. This will last maybe two weeks, but hey, aim high!

Thanks for reading my blog! XOXOXO

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